Witchcraft not all light and love

Often times today a seeker of witchcraft is surrounded by books and websites which state that a real witch will do no harm.  They are told that no real witch ever performs a hex or a curse and that these witches are actually black magicians and not worth the time of day.  On top of this many of the books and websites out there instruct the new witch that all witches follow the rede which states: “An it harm none do what you will”. This attitude leaves out many different types of witches and types of traditions out there.

The fact of the matter is that there are actually very small portions of witches out there who live by and follow the rede as their moral and ethical guides.  Most of the witches out there follow either a cultural set of guidelines based on the deities they follow or they follow their own moral and ethical guidelines which comes from culture, beliefs, and experience.  Many may have started out following the rede as an ideal or concept, but in the end they found their own moral guidance in other cultures or places once they took a look at what the word rede means.
The word Rede means advice.  The statement above is advice not to harm people.  Its not event that.  The statement there is a blanket statement allows the practitioner to openly perform any and all spells that don’t cause any harm.  Which on the surface seems like a good idea and easy concept to follow.  It’s really not that easy once you understand how magic actually works.

Traditionally witches have not followed such a rede.  They protected and served their communities.  If they were asked to hex some one they did.  If they were asked to heal some one they did.  Often times they were asked to protect from hexes and curses while being asked to hex or curse some one else by the same person.  Your village witch provided a service for the community where basically their own ethical and moral codes where the guidelines.

Witchcraft in its most pure nature is gray.  It both heals and cures and blesses as well as harms, destroys, and curses.  What keeps a witch fro casting a spell on some one is their personal and moral ethical guidelines.  Witches use magic and their magical skill as a tool to care for them selves and their loves ones.  This often means that they will use different forms of defensive magic to protect their loved ones.

A traditional witch is willing to hex or curse in order to protect and defend their loved ones.  This does not make them evil or even dark.  This makes them a human who follows their heart and their own moral and ethical values.  This makes them strong as they are willing to stand up for themselves and their loves ones.

A real witch will not wait for karma to take action when they need the magical boost or assistance.  A real witch will take action and work magic to create the changes they need in order to avoid further pain, injury, or issues.  Witches work for themselves and their loved ones and will not let anyone get in their way or harm their loved ones.

A real witch will see that the power in magic is a force for creation and destruction.  They will see how every action they take magically  has an impact on the world around them.  This could mean that another person who needs a job wont get the job and they will remain unemployed a little longer, it could also mean that people are caught in lies and activities they normally wouldn’t be caught in.  There is a reason they say “a witch that can’t curse can’t heal”.  The power to curse and hex is the same power to heal.  Real witches embrace the two edged sword that is magic.

So now I hope you realize that witchcraft is not all white light and positive magic  Witchcraft is down and dirty at times.  A witch will do what they have to do and work what sort of magic they want to and have to in order to get what they want done.  You can accept it or leave it as is.  There is nothing wrong with deciding not to engage in hexing or cursing.  That is a personal choice.  It is important to at least weigh the decisions of your actions.

Really the only ethical consideration most witches should follow is this” Would I deal with this issue in a non magical way?  If you would deal with the action in a non magical way than its acceptable to work magic to helps in achievement of the goals and desires.  If you would not deal with the situation non magically than you should avoid magic.  The choice is yours though.

~Loona Wynd~ )0(

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