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First day of spring

So yesterday was the first day of spring.  While I was on a walk at the Beach I did some meditating and I merged with the spirit of the land.  The spirit was sleepy, yet trying to wake up.  I could feel the warmth of the Sun and yet the cold icy grip of the Summer the time of rest and connection to Fate.  Spring is truly a liminal time.  It is a time where the plants are waking up and the earth is breathing.  I did also notice a sense of peace.

The beach I was at is a State Park.  For that reason I could understand the enjoyment of the peace.  Once summer comes people will be waltzing all over, and not everyone respects Our mother.  The sea is where life originated and the Earth is our home and that which sustains us.  The beach is a place I can really understand the inter-connectedness of the Land, Sea, and Sky.

I have found a place in which to start doing my workings.  I shall do my work at the beach.  I feel powerful there and I feel as if it is a place where I can contact Mother Holle and the Underworlds.  It is home.  There I prayed to Mother Holle  and the Serpent of the Land.  The lord of the land and the spirits of Land sea and sky.  I felt hope, a sense of peace, and a sense of acomplishment.

I am a witch and it’s high time I remembered my practices.  I have a rite to perform this weekend in honor of Spring and the passing of my Grandmother….13 years today.  She is one of my guides and I know she is with me always.  I feel I should perform a proper ancestral rite in her name and her memory.

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