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Pagan Blog Project: G is for Grounding


Returning to reality

I promised this week that I would have a post containing information and a few exercises on contacting your spiritual guides.  I was not lying.  I realized however that at the end of my work on trance states I never explained exactly why I had the plate of cheese or nuts by your side at the end of the exercises.  To be honest this entry has come out of a need for my to do exactly what this essay is about.

Grounding is the last part of any trance, ritual, magic, or energy work that I do.  It is the also the first thing that I do.  In this way my concept of the circle being the symbol of perfection does into play.  Grounding is what allows us to switch gears and allows us to focus on one specific task or goal at a time.

In some ways I see the techniques of grounding as techniques of getting into a trance or at least of altering ones state.  This is why grounding is the first part of getting into a trance and it is the last part of getting into trance.  For people who suffer from anxiety disorders or even who wish to learn how overcome anxiety before tests, interviews, presentations, ect grounding is a good skill to learn.  It is something that really applies to every day life and all parts of life.

I have somewhat of an anxiety disorder.  When I have worked in fast food I have had the problem of beings one of the few employees who would try and do everything they could.  In many ways this made it harder for me to do my job which was always to take the orders at the front counter.  I ended up over coming my anxiety at being overwhelmed by imagining one leg being a root taking in new energy and the other leg being a root pushing out my anxiety.

What I have just illustrated is a practical use for grounding that allows me to work and earn my own income.  That is a technique that for me connects me to how I truly see the concept of being both grounded and centered,  That illustration for me is that of a tree.  For me the image of a tree becomes very important and you could say that the trees are the the central key to the mysteries as I understand them.

So why are trees sacred to me and why did I use that specific example for grounding?

The first thing that comes to mind for me is my location.  Location and land relationships are very important to me.  I live in Maine.  I constantly see the trees taking nutrients from the ground up to the crown to be filled with the light from the sun back down through the heart to the roots and back into the ground.  For me that is the perfect example of how life is constantly changing and being recycled.  The best form or grounding is one where you don’t remove the energy and emotions that bother you, but transmute it by changing it’s vibration and polarity.  It goes from one state into another at your will.

The manipulation and change of energy from one form to another is the definition of magic.  The only real difference here is that instead of directing the energy out into the world you are directing it through yourself, into the ground and back up into yourself in a different form.  They say that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it simply changes forms.  That is grounding.

So here is your  first exercise:

Grounding energy 1:

Get seated in a comfortable position.  Close your eyes and breath deeply and relax.  Take a few breaths with an inhale of five and an exhale of five.  This will get you ready to focus on the exercise at hand and clear your mind of everything that you have experienced that day.

Place both feet flat on the floor.  From each foot visualize a set of roots connecting and digging you into the earth.  Once you feel as if you are connected with the earth see any energy that feels “off” (anxiety, anger, exhaustion, ect) into the ground through your right leg.  Direct that energy back into the ground around and between your feet.  Once the energy has been reenergized so to speak pull it up with the left body and direct it up towards you crown and into your hands.  With your next exhale release the energy into your body and feel the changed energy.

And there you have it.  Your first exercise with magic.


The Reflection & modifications for other exercises

Now once you have done that exercise a few time write down in your journal how you feel.  The out come of this exercise should be that you are reinvigorated and ready to go.  This is an exercise to relax as well as a grounding exercise.  It’s a grounding exercise because you have come from one state to a more centered state by directing and manipulating various energies.  You have performed a small bit of magic.

The why this exercise works will be discussed in an upcoming post when I deal with the basic Hermetic Philosophy laws and how they apply to magic.  For now I will leave you this photo which describes magical practices perfectly:


The Principle of Mentalism

The Principle of Mentalism is one of the 7 hermetic principles.  This principle has both spiritual/psychological applications as well as magical applications.  It is one of the principles that I have integrated into my practice.  So what is the principle of Mentalism?

The principle of Mentalism states:

“The All is Mind, the universe is mental”

To understand this principle you need to understand what the Kybalion means by The All.   In essence The All is what many would call the essence of life.  It is the source of all things.  We are a part of it and we shall return to it.

The All is spirit.  The All is everything.  The All is everything that makes up reality.  Nothing can exist outside the All otherwise the All would not be The All. The All is infinite.  Nothing else besides the All defines, confines, or limits the all as there is no other power.  The All is Immutable which means it is not subject to change in its nature.  There is nothing that the All could change into nor is there anything that it could change from. The All simply is.

The all is unknowable.  In many ways the All is the essence of the “Gods”.  Yet the All is not a God as it cannot be understood by others and is beyond the realms of the Gods.  There are a few quotes from the Kybalion that I would like to state:

“That which is the Fundamental Truth-the Substantial Reality—is beyond true naming, but the wise men call it The All” This quote basically explains that at the core of Truth is the All.  If you seek truth you will find The All.  Reality here is the state of being real, fixed, true, and enduring.

“The All is Infinite living Mind—The Illumed call it spirit”.  Spirit is the essence of life and of everything.  So we can say that if the All is everything that is and the start of it all, how were we all created?  Well the chapter one the Mental Universe states:

“The All creates in it’s Infinite mind countless universes, which exist for aeons of time—and yet, to The All, the creation, development, decline, and death of a million universes is as the time of the twinkling of an eye.”

According to the Kybalion the All creates the universe mentally.  The best way I can explain it as a painter or an author.  The artists in both of those situations come up with a world or image in their minds.  They then put the world or image on paper and thus the world is created.  Simply by thinking of us or imagining us we are created by The All.  I found the following quote to be the best example of how this works:

“You are dwelling in the Infinite Mind of The All, and your possibilities and opportunities are infinite both in time and space.  At the end of the Grand cycle of Aeons when The All shall draw back into it’s self all of its creations-you will go gladly for you will then be able to know the whole truth of being at one with The All”.

Essentially the central theme of Hermetic philosophy as outlined in the Kybalion is that the universe is mental.  If we can think it, it can be created.  It also means that what has been imagined by another can be found by others.  We are like the All in that we can create mentally.  Our minds are a blank canvas where entire worlds could be created and manifested.

The more I think about the principle of mentalism, the more I am starting to see how the principle applies to my life, my world view, and my spirituality.  Though my worldview and my spirituality are still evolving and developing, the Kybalion has been one of the gates to my understanding of the universe and my relationship to it.

If the universe itself is spirit, and spirit is unknowable and undefinable, and Spirit is The All and the All is Mind, the universe is there for mental.    Spirit can be considered the universal Infinite living mind.  In this way of thinking the universe is a creation of The All, existing entirely within the mind of The All.

Though we are all thoughts, we are still subject to the laws of created things.  As we are thoughts with in the All our thoughts can also become a reality as the Kybalion did state that with in The All were countless universes.  This means our thoughts can be manifested in our universe and in another universe.  In practical application this means that by changing our thought patterns we can change and manifest reality as we desire.

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