Our Philosophy & Disclaimer

Our process and philosophy behind the items:

Each item is crafted with a specific purpose in mind. When crafting the tinctures, incenses and powders extensive research is involved. We look at what has been done before and what the common herbs are and then we make our own inspired blends based on these examples.

The herbs are chosen for the mixtures based on need and related items as well as scent properties. Each herb is ground and focused on the properties of the herb. The spirit of the plant is asked to bless the process and add their energy to the mix. As each ingredient is added the mixture is shaken and blessed to be charged with power ready to be used.

The tinctures and oils are shaken twice a day during the month steeping process. This continues to charge them and it ensures that all of the oils of the herbs are mixed and saturated in the medium as much as possible. Once they are done steeping they are strained of herbs and the liquid is charged again and blessed before going into the bottles.

Each incense, powder, tincture, and oil comes with a list of the herbs in the mixture. This ensures that all allergen information is available. The labels also include information on usages to provide practical ideas on adding simple and effective natural magic to your everyday life.

If we would not use the product we will not sell or make the product.  Every product we make is one that we would use ourselves in our own magical practices.  This is why every product is tested for effectiveness and use prior to being sold.  Even custom made incenses, tinctures, or powders will be tested and tried prior to being sold.  This way we can ensure that our products provide the most effective magical and spiritual assistance as possible.


All magical and spiritual products are sold as magical and spiritual curios only. We are not responsible for any misuse of herbs or products.

We encourage you to do research into herbs and their properties before engaging in any use of them. We provide a starting base and nothing more.

All tinctures are for external use only.

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