Belief-the basis of religion

Today’s blog is on an important topic.  This topic is one of belief.   The first thing that people often ask about religions and religious practices are what some of the basic beliefs and components of those religions are.  Each religion has different beliefs and practices.  Even within the same religion like Christianity some of the beliefs of the practitioners vary deeply.  Belief is in the end the basis of how we develop and experience our religion and spiritual practices.

Often seekers ask the question of “what do people of (insert religion here) believe.  This is an important question.  This question means that a person is actively seeking a path and practice which relates to their beliefs.  Often times these seekers are leave their previous paths after realizing that there is something missing from their original path.  In some cases the seeker doesn’t know exactly what they believe or are looking for.

The first exercise I recommend any person do when they are looking at their religious practices and searching for something is their own personal beliefs.  It is only by knowing what you believe about the world and the universe that a person can begin to develop their own practices and find real spiritual fulfillment.

The following questions are important questions to ask yourself when you are trying to figure out exactly what you believe.

1: Do I believe in the existence of Gods and or spirits?

2: If I believe in Gods and spirits how do I define a God and how do I define a spirit?

3: Do I believe in the soul or any sort of afterlife?

4: Am I looking for a religion with strict rituals and deity worship or am I looking for more of a personal path for enlightenment and spiritual development?

5: Am I looking for magic or am I looking for something else?

By answering these questions you can then be able to use them to find religions and paths that are suitable to you and your personal view of the world.

I hope this helps you all.

About loona wynd

Call me Loona. I am a part time model and an amateur writer. My blogs serve as my primary method of publication at the moment. These blogs are also a way for me to build an audience and get my name known. I have been involved with my spiritual path for half my life now. I have spent that whole time seeking and exploring every path I could find. While I will always identify as a witch and a Pagan, I do believe there are lessons that every path can teach me. When I am not writing, or modeling I spend my time watching science fiction (I'm a big Doctor Who fan as well as Warehouse 13, Eureka, Babylon 5, and other shows). I also enjoy shows like Ink Master, Bar Rescue, Hotel Hell, Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares. I also love Bones for the anthropological aspects. When not watching tv I spend time playing video games. I'm a retro gamer at heart. I would rather play a game on my NES than the newest game for my PC. I actually have more NES and SNES games than I do Wii, N64 or PS2. I do play Starcraft2, Everquest, Guild Wars, and random Facebook games. I also enjoy reading. My reading will often be in the spiritual or philosophical fields. This is what I enjoy to study. I also love to read science fiction. Anne McCaffery is actually my favorite sci-fi writer. Her Pern and Accorna series are my favorites. I currently hold an associates degree in Liberal Studies or Liberal Arts. My focus is on folklore, philosophy, classics of world lit, anthropology, and history. I do have a vast interest in Physics. I was actually happy with how much my physics teacher was able to connect modern physics with ancient and modern metaphysical philosophy.

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