It is here that you will find the updates on my blog. Every time there is a new post it will be listed under blog update. New pages will be under website design updates. There will also be new updates under writings.

Blog updates:

There have been a lot of updates on this blog and this website. I have added pages for book reviews. I am also revamping my links. I am going to have links on separate pages for different topics rather than down the side of the page. I’ve also been more active in blogging on this blog. Been able to keep up with the Pagan Blog Project this time around.

Posted newest Pagan Blog Project post and added a link. May be adding more essays later based on comments from the post related to death

Started the Pagan Blog project. Though I have been updating the blog slowly prior to that and there will be much more to come.

New blog about what witchcraft is and why I call myself a witch

First day of spring

Basic introduction meme

Taoism reflection
Principle of Mentalism reflection and outline

An Underworld Tradition

Site Updates:

Update page added
Writing page updated and reformed
Blog categories expanded and updated

Writings page created and added

Guest Book added


About the author created

Website created


Poetry page created
Fiction page updated
Articles page created
Precis page created
School work page created
Welcome page created
Taoism reflection added under precis
An Underworld Tradition added under book essay as well as College paper
Seeker identification of witchcraft added to book essay

Fiction page created
Night Time music that we share published
Perfect love Published
BTW Vs ENP published
Celestial Awakening Published

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