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Product Review: Money Powder by The Astral Bridge


Today I am going to be reviewing a magical powder that I have been working with for a few months. I have been working with the Money Draw Powder by the company The Astral Bridge. Working with herbal powders in spells is a central component to my personal magical practice so for me using this powder was a great way to work my magical practice.

On their website the shop describes the powder as such:

Do you need more money! Well use this powder to empower all your money draw workings. Sprinkle it on cash, roll an anointed candle, use some on yourself or in a mojo bag.

The wonderfully smelling powder has a cinnamon powder base mixed with powerful money drawing ingredients.

I have found that description to be fairly accurate. The powder does have a cinnamon base which works as cinnamon is a powerful herb with money drawing aspects. The only issue I have as a customer is that there is no other ingredients listed. While I can understand not wanting to disclose recipes to the public, there are issues of allergies and dangers to animals or small children to consider. So I would advise the business owner to disclose the other herbal components to their Money Draw powder.

As to the effectiveness of this powder I can say that it has worked. I have been using it in a money jar spell, I have used it in packet spells, and I have also simply sprinkled it over my products before events. When I have used these components together I have had more successful sales than other times. I will continue to use this powder until I run out of my supply and even after that I may buy some more.

This product is so effective that a very little bit goes a long ways. You only need a pinch around your candles and in your packets to be effective. Once the powder starts to work you will notice results. As a business owner the next thing I am going to try with this powder is dusting my table with it at an event and my work space at home to ensure continued sales.

To purchase your own visit: Money Draw Powder available here

Other products are available on their home website: The Astral Bridge

Product Review: Crystal Essences Charissa’s Cauldron

Crystal Essence Healing:

A review of four Crystal Essences

Today I am going to to continue to review the crystal essences that I have been working with.  Today we have a new set of four.  This set includes Smoky Quartz, Tigers Eye, Hematite, and Unakite.  Out of the four crystals the only one I had never worked with before is Unakite so it was interesting to start working with the crystals in this way.  I’ve been working with these four essences for two weeks now and I have to say they are remarkably effective.

Second set of Crystal Essences

I take four drops first thing in the morning and before bed.  The other two dosages are spread out throughout the day.  I added them to my water bottles so I am slowly adding the energetic forces of the crystal essences to my body all day.  If you have a hard time with the taste of vodka I suggest mixing the dosages into a drink for a more pleasant experience.

As a set these four harmonize really well and provide a great balance. They provide healing, balance, emotional security, and focus all at once. These four make a great set and I would highly advise people to think about working with these four essences together.

The first Crystal essence is Hematite.
Hematite Crystal Essence Crystal Essence Bottle Hematite_PhotoHematite stones

Hematite is a stone that I have worked with for a long time when it comes to grounding and dealing with anxiety.  Over the last two weeks I have had a few personal issues come up that were slightly anxiety inducing.  Due to working with this crystal essence though I was able to stay grounded and focused at those moments.  I was also able to find focus and purpose in my work this week. The paper Charissa’s Cauldron sent with the essences gives the following as the associations with the crystal: Grounding, Balancing Mood Swings, adding focus and purpose, and protecting/deflecting unwanted energy from other sources.

It has been my experience that the crystal essence does a great job of working with those properties. There were a few stressful days where the energy of others may have otherwise effected my mood. With the aid of this crystal essence I felt I was able to keep my emotional shields in place and have them be a bit stronger than they were before. I have felt more focus and purpose when working this week and I have also felt grounded. This crystal essence really works.

You can but the Crystal essence Here

The next crystal up is Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz EssenceCrystal Essence Smoky_Quartz_Photo Smoky Quartz Crystal

Smoky Quartz is a crystal that while I was familiar with it I have not done much work with. I’ve been drawn much more to Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Citrine, and Clear Quartz. For some reason it just never really appealed to me as a crystal or stone. After working with the crystal essence for the last two weeks that attitude has changed now. Now I see it as a very useful crystal like its brothers in the quartz family.

If you deal with PTSD and even in therapy have a hard time letting go of emotions and events this stone will really help. It has been the ability for smoky quartz to help us remove that which does not serve our highest good and that no longer helps me I have found most helpful. The anxiety events I mentioned earlier were somewhat connected to my PTSD. So again this crystal essence has proven to be useful.

Other uses and associations with Smoky Quartz are focusing on the positive, dissolving negative energy, releasing stress, relieving anger and depression, and lifting fatigue. This stone is definitely a good healers stone. I’d recommend it for anyone who has issues with depression, anxiety, and stress. I am actually going to start looking for some to add to my crystal collection and start my own journey with this crystal.

You can buy the crystal essence Smoky Quartz Crystal Essence

The third essence up is actually the one I had no experience with whatsoever Unakite.
Unakite Crystal EssenceUnakite Crystal Essence
Unakite_PhotoUnakite Crystals

I started to work with this crystal essence completly out of curiosity. I had not seen or heard of that crystal before. Since I was working with crystals both familiar and new in a different way, I thought that Unakite would be a wonderful addition. Now I want to try and find this crystal and start working with it hands on as a healer.

This is the one crystal I think has been the most helpful for me over the past two weeks. This is a crystal for slow and steady healing. The type of healing I do for myself because of my past needs to be slow and steady. If I release too much at once or move to fast I can actually end up doing myself harm. The primary healing property of this crystal I relied on these past two weeks has been its source of slow, steady, healing and renewal.

This crystal it seems is one of release. Charissa lists the other properties as being able to bring repressed feelings like anger to the surface but deal with them and release them and behaviors related with them so we can heal. I believe that this and smoky quartz together would make a powerful crystal essence therapy for treating depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

You can buy the Unakite Crystal Essence Here

The final crystal essence is one of my favorite crystals. That crystal is Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye Crystal Essence Crystal Essence
Tiger_s_Eye_PhotoTigers Eye Crystals

For me Tigers eye crystals have always been a crystal of strength and power. I feel reminded of the powerful felines that the stone was named after. I may have been connecting to an aspect of this crystal that I didn’t realize before. I felt that working with it in a crystal essence would help me understand it more and it has.

What I used to feel as strength I believe is the property of a strong sense of self coming through. According to Charissa the crystal is great for strengthening the boundaries between our true selves and the emotions we feel strongly (like anger, fear and jealousy). This is essential as it is easy to loose ourselves in those emotions and forget who we really are.

I’d recommend this crystal to anyone who has issues with strong emotions. This essence will help keep you in check and in balance.

You can buy this Crystal essence Here

Once again the products of Charissa’s Cauldron have proven to be highly effective and very useful. I will continue to work with these crystal essences for a while.

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