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Pagan Business Network Swag Bags- Good for business Good for customers

Today I am going to write a brief blog post about the importance of these swag bags and how they can really help your business grow.  As a member of the Pagan Business Network I happily supply samples of products with my business card for these bags.  I know that they can bring me in customers that I would not meet otherwise.  I know that these bags can extend the reach of my business by being at events that I can’t attend and much more.

PBN swag bagsPhotograph of swag bags courtesy of Terrie Brookins Canadian Swag Coordinator


What is swag?  What can I make as swag?

Why is swag a good thing?  Can I participate?

Swag are bits and bobs that you send out attached to your business cards.  Swag is essentially something with your business name on it.  This allows you to get your business name into the hands of many other people.  These are items given out as promotional freebies at events all over.  Many different types of events have door prizes, raffles, and or free stuff.  Swag is that free stuff.

Now you may be wondering what sort of things you can send as swag.  You can really send anything.  It all depends on what your business is and how creative you can be.  For Mystic Echoes I have typically sent out small packets of herbs, packets of our incense blends, our powders, and the baths.  I have not yet sent any of the oils or tinctures because I lack the sample dram bottles to do so.  When I have some of those available I will start to send out samples of my oils for people to have as well.

I’ve gotten a key chain as a swag piece before.  If you make jewelry key chain charms are an excellent way to produce swag.  This is actually an area of swag I am starting to get into.  I know for myself when I make jewelry I often times have a few left over beads that wouldn’t be enough for a pattern of any sort.  Keychain charms as swag are a perfect use for those excess charms.  Just throw them in a small bag with your business card and you have some swag!

Do you make leather work?  Leather sealed Bookmarks would be an awesome bit of swag.  Rounders that could be used as heat pads would also be great swag.  Braid a few pieces together and tie it to a key chain.  These are all awesome ideas for leather working swag that can be made out of left over or scrap leather.

Do you make bath teas or salts?  How about incenses, and powders?  For myself when I package my products there is always a bit left over.  I used to just keep it all for myself and personal use.  Now I bag it in a small sample bag and send it off as swag.  The same goes for my herbs.  Often times I have some left over that is not enough for a full package.  I bag it and tag it in sample bags.  Boom.  Its ready for swag.

The same concept can really apply to basically any sort of herbal product.  If you make soaps, or lotions get small sample sized jars and place any left overs into those packages.  The idea is to have something of yours that can get the attention of potential customers all over the country.

I’ve gotten wax melts as swag from candle makers.  I’ve gotten tiny vials of homeopathic oils and remedies as swag as well.  They have all been ways for me to get products in my hand that I might not otherwise I received.  Its how I was introduced to Sages Aromatherapy as well as Charissa’s Cauldron.

For psychics and readers or healers a coupon card on your business card would be a great way to get attention.  If you work with runes you could make mini runes and send them out.  The idea is to represent yourself and what you make or do.  Its up to you and your creativity to decide what works best.

For me as a business owner I see it as a chance to have free publicity in locations that I would not normally be at.  I’ve had swag at events all over the country now.  I’m personally currently limited to Maine, New Hampshire, and some places in Massachusetts and Connecticut.  While that is a decent range I’d like to have customers in Nevada, Texas, Washington State, Florida, and many more.  One of the ways I can reach customers in those locations is through the swag bags.  They get a sample product in their hands as well as my contact information.  This extends my reach as a business owner.

For me as a customer I love seeing all the different things that people put together.  One author who specializes in family and children had mini bottles of bubbles in the swag bag.  Other authors had put in a postcard flyer with their e-books and a book mark with book titles.  This was where I got a sample of body butter from Sages Aromatherapy and Oils as well as a bottle of an essence blend from Charissa’s Cauldron.  It is because of the swag bags that I have many more new businesses to look at and spend my money at.

So in essence swag bags are a minimal to no cost way to promote your businesses.  You’ll reach customers in places you might never be able to get to and many more people will know your name.  Word of mouth is a very powerful thing. Just be sure that anything you send has contact information (website, e-mail, facebook etc).  You want the customers to be able to find you incredibly easily.

To participate check out the PBN website: Pagan Business Network Swag Oppertunities


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