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Kitchen Witch: A Memoir

KItchen Witch A Memoir

This books is a very interesting read. It describes the life in detail of Cora Anderson who is on of my spiritual ancestors. She was a very wise women and a powerful witch.

This book is her memories and life story. There are bits of witchcraft wisdom in there held in a single chapter or a few poems (the tradition she was involved in creating has a lot of poetry as lore). The most interesting bits of this book were not in the folk wisdom or the recipes (which Cora was well known for) but were in the meat of the book and the first section which was all about her life story.

If you were expecting a book with details about craft workings in her life this is not that book. This book tells her life story and includes some of her award-winning recipes. If you are willing to read the life story about one of the crafts best known elders you would do well to read this book.

The entries in her memories bring me back to simpler times while yes there were hardships but the solutions to the problems were simpler and folk remedies and treatments. The story of her life is very uplifting and encouraging.

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