Review: Products from The Sacred Oak

This is the first time I am doing a product review on this blog. However part of this blogs goal is to serve as a resource for supplies as well as information on various spiritual practices. This blog post is focusing on a few small products from a small business that has a variety of products for Pagan Rituals, Meditations, Spells, and other ritual work. That business is called The Sacred Oak

In order to help this business and other businesses grow and develop there are groups of us doing product trades and reviews. Today I am starting to review the products for the Business. There are four different products in this review. One of the products in the review is currently not available in the store but hopefully they will reconsider adding it. These are the products I am reviewing:

Sacred Oak sampler group

The first item Up: Goddess Dolls:

Goddess Doll

These Goddess dolls are perfect altar supplies. They are stuffed so they don’t break if they are knocked down. They are handmade so they are full of Goddess power and blessing from the process of being made. I have mine on my Star Goddess Altar. Its a great Addition to my All Mother, God Herself altar.

Before Goddess doll

After Goddess Doll

The next item up are the Satchet Pillows

This one: The Moon faced pillow:Healing Satchet

is a healing packet. I have to say that I’m much calmer and relaxed when sitting at my computer with it next to me. I’ve had a lot come up in my life that has been difficult to deal with. Handling this sachet has been helpful in keeping depression symptoms at bay and helping me remember better times with a loved one who has recently passed.

My one suggestion would be to have a list of the herbs that was in the packet. I was simply told it was a healing packet and I can feel that sort of energy in the packet. I would suggest that in the future the owner make sure that all of the packets have information on the contents provided. After all someone could be buying it for another person, and I personally would like to know what was in any sort of packet I got.

The item I was most excited about in my packet was the Mini Goddess Candle:
Mini Goddess Candle

Mini Goddess candle. Now this item is not currently listed on their website. I still have to say its one of my favorite products. It actually came to me at the perfect time as I was thinking about needing a green candle and a goddess candle for a working I had in mind. Now I can do that working.

The final item I have to review is Wood Burned Altar Tiles

This is the altar tile I received:

Wood Burned Altar Tile

As I am starting to explore Germanic witchcraft the altar tile I received is a perfect tile for me. It is a Germanic sigil that is for protection. Its a perfect addition to my altar to Odin and Frigga. I simply need to perform a ritual of consecration on it to dedicate it to them.

In general I would have to say that this site has quality handcrafted products. Check them out and support small businesses.

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