Review By Sleeping Gryphon

Greetings. As many of you may know, I love incense, baths, candles, etc. I think a lot of us do. My roomie jokes that men put condiments on their food. Women put them in our bath. Though I think he needs to stay out of my bathroom, he is kinda right. Needless to say, I was ecstatic when I received the trades with Charity at Mystic Echoes. Once I got the package open, I could smell the herbs!

First items coming out of the bag were a Money Bath and a Stress-relief bath. These were both amazing. Smelled awesome without being too over-whelming. They both mixed well in the bath. The stress relief bath though is a dangerous one and do not use if you need to pay attention to something. I feel asleep on Skype while watching a movie with my bestie. He almost caught me snoring!!!! I felt great though and we had to play video games the rest of the night so I could stay alert. They were both awesome!!!

The rest were: Love incense, Meditation incense, Love oil, Success Tincture, and Red Salt.

The Love incense and Meditation incense both worked beautifully with meditation and just chilling. They both burned very smooth. My roomie had a nuclear stress test. His daughter was visiting and she burned half of my bag (to help him relax)!!!! I know the truth, she just really likes to burn incense too. OMG! You should see her smudge! The Success tincture is a present for Father’s Day so I haven’t had the review back on that. I did, however, sneak a few drops on my business candle 😉 Shhhh. Don’t tell.

The Red Salt is now sprinkled across the portals around my home where I normally would place the cascarilla (binding salt) and it is working well. I haven’t ever used red salt before. I am very pleased. It mixed well with my energy despite the funk I have been in and seems to be doing it’s job. Though most wards, spells, etc, work with the energy of the caster more than the components, I am very happy and would definitely recommend all of these products due to the quality of them. Hit her up! She is an awesome lady!

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