Review By Laura Perry

I can tell you this, my house smells absolutely wonderful since I received my package from Mystic Echoes I’m lucky I didn’t set off my smoke alarm trying all the new kinds of incense! My favorite is the Sacred Space Incense. It’s beautifully balanced and cleared my space right away. I haven’t asked, but I’d wager that it’s made with energetic intention and not just stirred together casually. The Angelic Incense is not a type I had ever tried before, though I do work with the archangels to some extent. I was pleased with both it and the Saint Michael Incense blend. I haven’t had a chance to try the Spirit Travels Powder yet but I’m sure it will be lovely as well. These are all loose powder incenses that I burned on hot charcoal but you can also dress a candle with them or put pinches of them in the melted wax on the top of a burning candle.

I can also recommend a few Mystic Echoes products that aren’t likely to set off your smoke alarms. The herbal Protection Salt is a traditional blend that works well for both Hoodoo/folklore purposes and in a formal Wiccan or magical setting. I also tried something that’s new to me: magical tinctures. They’re very much like herbal tinctures, with an alcohol base in which the ingredients have been dissolved or extracted. But instead of taking them as medicine, you use them to purify water, ritual tools, yourself or your sacred space. I found the Liquid Smudge to be every bit as effective as the incense smudge I’ve been using for years. And the Dragon Fire Protection Tincture does what it says on the tin, as the saying goes.

Originally posted: Laura Perry: Product Review

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