Financial Succsess and Luck Tincture

Financial Succsess Tincture

The financial Success Tincture is an infusion of Dandelion leaf, Frankincense, and Cinnamon. Each of these herbs have ties to prosperity and success. The base is Dandelion Leaf. Dandelion leaf as an herb is very earthy in its nature and scent. Earth is an element often invoked to aid in spells regarding finances, wealth, and employment. This is the reason why Dandelion leaf was selected as a base. The other reason is that Dandelion leaf has the prosperity of manifesting wishes which aids in all magical aids and boosts.

Frankincense was chosen because of the rich cultural and historical association with wealth and nobility. Historically Frankincense is an herb that has often been associated with wealth. The best and most classic example of Frankincense representing wealth would be it being given to the Baby Jesus the “new born king”. Frankincense was sol valued that it was seen as an appropriate gift for a young king and therefor has an association of wealth.

Cinnamon is a spice. In ancient cultures one of the ways wealth was assessed was the various spices the merchants and traders had to offer other cultures and kingdoms. Cinnamon was one of those spices. For historical trade value reasons and cultural values Cinnamon was chosen as another herb to represent wealth. This is also a fire based herb which works as a way to also work with the fire element in spell casting and rituals.

This tincture was handcrafted for aid in finances. This can be used to aid in gaining employment, ensuring continued employment, and in basically any way you can think of having success in finances.

This is a spell ready to be used. You can use this tincture in the same way you would use any magical oil. You can apply it as a perfume/cologne, you can burn it as a smokeless incense, you can anoint a Green or white candle and burn the candle or you can place a few drops on the person or around the place/item where business is desired. Place a drop on your business cards as you hand them out to increase business and sales.

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