Dragon Fire Protection Tincture

Dragon Fire Protection Tincture

The spirit of the Dragon exists within this tincture. Crafted by hand this tincture calls on the spirits of Dragons to aid in protection. The central ingredient is Dragons Blood. By wearing or burning this tincture Dragon spirits will come to your aid and protect you, your home, your loves ones, or what ever it is you wish to have protected. Their fire burns strongly in this tincture burning those who would do you harm.

The Dragon Fire Protection Tincture is an infusion of Dragons Blood, Frankincense, & White sage. Each herb was chosen for three different properties. The first property is protection. The second property is exorcism or banishment. The third property chosen was the property of cleansing and clearing of energetic forces.

The Dragons Blood was chosen to be the base for the protective and fearful nature of Dragon spirits. Dragons Blood is also the most powerful protective plant out of the three. For a protective base this was important. This was also the reason why Dragon spirits were chosen to be the protective spirits involved in the preparation of this tincture.

Frankincense and White sage together both work as herbs that create a sacred barrier. This barrier works as a protective point allowing only positive forces to come through. Both Frankincense and white sage are herbs primarily used in the cleansing of a space and the creation of a sacred space or barrier where no ill will or harm can befall the people within the space. This is the barrier or space that creates a shield against harm.

Finally the third property is exorcism. Those three herbs work together to remove and dissolve any negative or harmful energy directed at the user. By doing this action energy that existed before the sacred barrier was applied are removed. Any negative energetic forces mentally and spiritually are removed because of the sacred and high vibrations of the herbs in this tincture.

You can use this tincture by applying it to the skin, burning it in an oil diffuser, burning it in a fire safe container, anoint candles with, or drip a few drops around the area, item, pet, or person to be protected.

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