Magical Tinctures

Tinctures are herbal infusions made with herbs and alcohol. The tinctures provided by Mystic Echoes are crafted with top grade alcohol. The majority of tinctures out there are made with top shelf vodka or rum. Here at Mystic Echoes the tinctures are crafted with 190 proof grain alcohol. The alcohol chosen by Mystic Echoes is pharmaceutical grade. Meaning the alcohol is the highest quality possible. It absorbs much more of the oils and essences of the herbs in the mixtures than any other alcohol.

The tinctures are crafted by grinding each herb into a powder. As the herbs are ground they are charged by focusing the energy of that herb for the tincture being crafted at that moment. The ground herb is then poured into the mason jar where the herb mixture and the alchohol will meet and craft the tincture. As each herb is ground and added to the mixture the jar is shaken making sure that each of the herbs is equally distributed in the mixture. Once all the herbs are ground and mixed in the fashion described above the alchohol is added. The jar is then shut with the lid and shaken rapidly being charged and focused on its intended purpose. The jar is then labeled as the tincture that was made so that each one can be identified for bottling.

The jar is then set in a cool and dry place. The herbs are steeped in the alchohol for four to six weeks depending on the scent desired and the strength of the herbs in the jar. During those four to six weeks the jars are shaken twice a day. Each time they are being charged with additional energy and being focused on their intended spell and magical use. Once a day an appropriate sigil is drawn over the tincture for additional charging and powers.

After the four to six weeks of being steeped and charged the herbs are strained from the alcohol. Water is the added to cut through the alchohol scent and bring out the herbal scents in the mixture. This brings the mixture down to about 70% alchohol rather than 100% alchohol. The tincture is stirred one last time before being bottled into the individual bottles for sale. Once bottled they are labeled and ready for individual sale.

The tinctures are now bottled spells. They are ready to be used at any time for any reason and for any need. Follow the directions on each tincture for maximum effect of that particular spell. These are now charged tinctures ready to make magic happen.

What makes a magical tincture different from a medicinal tincture is that Magical tinctures are used externally only. These tinctures are made to be used as an anointing product, as perfumes, as liquid incense, and other ways. Magical tinctures are not to be taken internally. By applying to the skin, or area of intended application the tinctures work can be done.

The following Magical tinctures are available:

Dragon Fire Protection Tincture

Financial Succsess Tincture

Health and wellness Tincture

Mental strength and clarity tincture

Consecration tinctureConsecration Tincture

Liquid SmudgeLiquid Smudge

Hex Breaker TinctureHex Breaker Tincture

Open your Third eye tinctureOpen Your Third eye Tincture

LOve TinctureLove Tincture

Magical Tinctures for sale here

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