Saint Michael and Archangel Michael Incense

Saint Michael Archangel Michael Incense

Mystic Echoes presents the first of its spirit based incenses. This incense was blended and inspired by a visit from Saint Micheal. When asked what sort of incense would please him the answer came with several different herbs leaving it to our intuition as to which blend would work best. The result is what you have before you.

The Saint Micheal and Archangel Michel incense blend is used to call upon his power. This incense can be used in protection magic and in fire spells calling on the angel of fire. This incense can also be burned as incense offering to this spirit to build a relationship with him.

This is another Hoodoo inspired blend as Hoodoo as we know it works with the saints and the archangels in their magical practice. As such this incense is one of the many ways we are adding to our Hoodoo inspired collection.

This incense blend is a mix of Galangal Root, Frankincense, and Nettle leaf

Use this blend as an offering, in protection magic, justice magic, fire magic, and in cleansing magic to call upon the aid of Saint Micheal.

Each packet is 1.5 ounces

Available for sale: Here & Here

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