Ritual Incense Blend

Ritual incense blend

Incenses of all sorts have been a part of rituals for centuries. The presence of incense is often used to help create the sensation of a sacred space or a place where the Gods can be present and worship can occur. Many rituals today start with the lighting of incense and candles at about the same time to create a presence of spirit and deity.

Nearly all magical rituals and pagan rituals involve some form of incense.This incense blend has been crafted to work as a generic ritual blend. No matter which Gods or spirits a person is calling on in ritual this incense has been crafted to suit all ritual needs. This blend came about after studying ritual blends of several different pagan religions and we came up with one that includes the common elements of all the traditions explored.

The Mystic Echoes Incense blend is a mixture of Myrrh, Frankincense, Mugwort, White Sage. These are all herbs which have associations with spirituality, the sacred, Gods, and divinity. These herbs were chosen as the best sample herbs for spiritual and religious scents to form a combination of European, Native American, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean spiritual forces. These forces combined create a scent and a sensation which is appropriate for any and all spiritual rituals.

Frankincense is an herb that is associated very highly with spirituality. Many ritual incense blends use Frankincense as a base for their incense. Many religions and traditions use Frankincense on its own as their ritual incense to create a sense of the sacred and of spirituality. This forms the base for the ritual incense blend.

Mugwort is a powerful trance inducing herb. This herb when burned and inhaled can produce meditative and trance states. This is an herb that will allow for an ease of transition into a deep trance state. This allows one in meditation to travel to the spiritual worlds which were opened also with Frankincense. This also allows the practitioner to be more at ease in the altered state of mind. This allows for spiritual communication in trance as a part of ritual.

Myrrh is another herb that is associated with spirituality. Like Frankincense this herb allows one to contact spirits in meditation. Myrrh has an association with meditation as well. The associations with both spirituality and meditation allow Myrrh with the aid of Frankincense to be a powerful gateway to deep and moving spiritual meditative experiences. With Mugwort this herb allows for deep trance and spirit travel engaging in other world practices and developments.

White sage is a powerful cleansing and banishing herbs. This herb by itself is often used to purify and cleanse home where negative energy has been built. This herb has a lot of sacred energy. Dark and negative spirit forces can not stand to be around sacred forces that bring the light of God and the presence of the Gods. This herb is sacred to the Native Americans and brings a sensation of nature spirituality to the ritual front.

Comes in half ounce packets.

For sale here

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