Psychic Dreams Incense Blend

Psychic Dreams incense

Psychic abilities come in many shapes and forms. The Psychic dreams incense blend and powder is designed to aid in one of those many forms. Dreams are often seen as messages from spirits as well as ways of gaining insight into the forces and issues going on in the world. Lucid dreaming is one form of psychic dreams as are visits from dead loved ones. These are all psychic types of dream experiences.

The psychic dream incense blend has been designed to aid the seeker of spirit dream messages in their quests. This incense is a blend of Mugwort, Marigold, and Lavender. These herbs are connected with sleep, dreams, and mental abilities or powers. When they work together they form powerful aids in developing psychic control over ones dreams and an ability to enter a dream state at any time.

Marigold is an herb that has a long history for healing. It is not just associated with healing though. Marigold actually is a very potent psychic herb. This herbs psychic associations are in prophetic dreams and astral travel. Both of these are key skills in working with developing the powers of the mind. The prophetic dreams is why this herb forms the base of this incense blend.

Mugwort is second base of this incense blend. This herb has been used by many witches for many years as an aid in developing psychic abilities. The herb is strongly associated with psychic work and trance activities. This herb is known to aid in astral projection and psychic sight. Some forms of psychic dreams occur as Out of Body experiences which is why this was added to the base.

Lavender is a herb that has any different purposes. This beautiful flower is a popular herb because of its scent and its versatility. Commonly Lavender is placed in a sachet under the pillow to aid in a peaceful nights sleep. Dream work requires a peaceful night sleep. In order for that to be effective Lavender was chosen for this incense blend.

To use: Burn half an hour before bed and you will have psychic dreams or take a purple pouch and place the mixture in the pouch under your pillow or in your pillow case.

Comes in one ounce packets

For Sale here

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