Hex Breaker Incense

Hex Breaker incense

There are all times when we have an excess of negative energy and hard feelings in our lives. This incense is perfect for when you feel that you have been the object of a magical attack. If you feel that you have been hexed, cursed, or even just had some ill wishes or negative energy sent your way this burning this incense will clear you of all that energy and send it back to the sender teaching them not to mess with you.

This incense is a Hoodoo Inspired blend using Galangal Root as a primary ingredient with Frankincense and Nettle leafe as the supporting herbs. This mix cleanses and removes negative energy while sending a sting back at those who have directed the energy towards you.

Each packet contains 1.5 ounces

To use:
Burn the incense when you have a sense of excess negative energy, when you feel you have been hexed, or when you have a large run of bad luck
Sprinkle the incense in a black candle to burn away influences
Carry in a pouch or sprinkle in your shoes to use as a protective charm

Available for sale Here & Here

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