Healing Incense Blend

Healing Incense

Healing work is a popular practice among witches, magicians, shamans, and those who engage in many different types of energy work. The healing incense blend is designed to be burned to aid in healing rituals and practices. Healing magic and rituals take many different shapes and forms. This is an incense that is designed to aid in powering the users healing work making the rituals more effective.

This is a blend of Marigold, Ginkgo Leaf, and White Sage. These herbs have powerful associations with healing. When it comes to healing rituals and practices they are as much about correcting any physical problems as they are about correcting energetic imbalances within the spiritual and physical bodies. All of the herbs chosen to be a part of this healing mixture have some associations with healing, cleansing, and or purification, all essential traits in herbs used for healing rituals.

Marigold is an herb that has powerful healing associations under the name of Calendula. Calendula is an herb that has been used in various types of healing work in many different cultures. This is an herb that is even used in the Middle East often in the form of salves to treat burns and cuts. This historical association with healing is one of the reasons Marigold has been associated with healing magic and practices.

Ginkgo leaf is an herb that is good for the body. This herb is mostly used with its association to circulation. Using this herb in the incense means that the energy from inhaling the smoke will be circulated through out the body more evenly and effectively than without. This allows the healing energy of the rite to really flow through the body creating maximum distribution of the healing forces.

White sage is a very powerful cleansing herb. This herb is often used to cleanse entire homes by itself in the rite of smudging. This herb when burned gives of a sacred smoke that removes with the force of the divine all negative energy and forces. This will banish or remove any spirits or spiritual forces that are involved with the illness or malady from which healing is needed.

Aside from burning this incense during spells and rituals to aid in the ritual it can be carried in a blue satchel to carry the healing powers with you.

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