Banishing Incense Blend

Banishing Incense blend

This is a loose herbal incense which is designed to be used to banish spirits or unwanted energetic forces in ones life. This can include people or their influences if you feel that they are causing you pain and suffering and requires such an action. This is an incense used to cleanse an area of energy so that peace and positive energy may flow freely. This is an incense blend that would be best used in an area where a lot of negative energy has been raised or where spirits have been causing problems.

This incense is a blend of Dragons Blood, White sage, Nettle leaf. Each of those herbs have powerful cleansing and removal energetic forces. Each of these herbs has the property of exorcism as well as cleansing and removal. When banishing a spirit or energetic forces you are exorcising and removing those previous forces. The base of this is the concept of exorcisms.

Dragons Blood is a powerful exorcising herb. This herbs energetic vibrations are so high that they are also very protective and strong. The vibrations are also so high that they are sacred and forms a sacred barrier. This sacred barrier is what forces the energy out. This is created by the presence of dragon energy within Dragons Blood. When banishing a force or a spirit it is important that a place is protected and that those forces will be deterred from returning. Dragon Blood is an herb that attracts dragon spirits and is used to petition Dragon spirits for aid. These spirits will be present protecting the space from the return of negative forces.

Stinging Nettles are an herb often associated with protection and defense. This is an herb that defensively has a natural sting to it. This sting is defensive. This herb creates a protective barrier much like thorns. If a spirit or negative force tries to return to the area they will receive an unpleasant burning sensation due to the stinging nettles. This will deter the force from remaining and will keep the area clean of disruptive energetic forces.

The main base of this incense blend is White Sage. White sage is a powerful cleansing and banishing herbs. This herb by itself is often used to purify and cleanse home where negative energy has been built. This herb has a lot of sacred energy. Dark and negative spirit forces can not stand to be around sacred forces that bring the light of God and the presence of the Gods. This is why this herb was chosen to be the base of the banishing incense blend.

Comes in one ounce packets

For Sale here

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