Magical Incenses

The incenses by Mystic Echoes also work as herbal powdered charms. Which means that they can also be used in satchel to carry around or place in areas to work the intent of the herbal mixture. Magical incenses are those which are prepared for a specific intent. Each of the magical incenses produced and crafted by Mystic Echoes has a specific spell or magical action in mind. Each of these incenses when they are burned can be used as a spell by themselves. These incenses are prepared with the idea that as they burn their magic is released and the spell is cast.

The following loose magical incenses are available:

Astral Travel Incense

Banishing Incense blend

Happines Incense Blend

Healing Incense

Love incense Blend

Meditation Incense blend

Money incense Blend

Psychic Dreams incense

Ritual incense blend

Sacred Space Incense

Stress relief incense

Magical Incenses by Mystic Echoes for sale

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