Loose Herbal Incenses

Mystic Echoes is proud of their loose herbal incense blends. Each blend is crafted for a specific need or purpose. Some are for spells and some are best used as offerings and in prayer work. Each incense packet comes labeled with the herbs in them, the ways you can use the incense and the amount of the incense you have.

Incenses are powdered herbal blends that are burned on charcoal disks for rituals, spells, and meditation purposes. That is the main way incenses are meant to be used in loose herbal format. The incenses by Mystic Echoes also work as herbal powdered charms. Which means that they can also be used in satchel to carry around or place in areas to work the intent of the herbal mixture.

Incenses are crafted by grinding various herbs into powder or fine particles. From there various herbs are combined into the mix based on properties of the herbs and the intent or purpose of that incense blend. They are stored in mason jars and measured out into packets for sale and use. These incenses and powders are spells and rituals ready to use for your needs and desires.

These are the following incense lines available by Mystic Echoes:

Hex Breaker incenseMagical Incenses

Saint Michael Archangel Michael IncenseSpirit Incenses

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