Marigolds are a common sight on porches and outside during the fall. This plant has a history of uses that goes back to the tribal practices in the Middle East. This is an herb that is actually well known to be used in ointments and tinctures. There are several recipes in herbal therapies and treatments that include this herb. Other ways that this herb gets used are in tinctures’, incenses, and in satchels. Marigolds have also been found in some recipes’ for salads and other edible flower mixtures. Magically and spiritually marigolds have a few different associations. These associations are protection, prophetic dreams, leave matters, psychic powers, and healing.

Magical properties:Protection, prophetic dreams, legal matters, psychic powers, healing

Use: Create a salve or ointment, carry in a satchel, scatter around, use in a tincture

Comes in half ounce packet

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