Herbal Packets

Herbal packets are among the most popular selling products in New Age stores. An herb being sold in individual packets allows the customer to find and work with the herbs in the ways that suit them and they find useful. This allows the customer to develop their own unique practices and guides for working with herbs.

Each herb packet sold by Mystic Echoes contains information on the magical and spiritual properties of the herb as well as information on various ways that you can use those herbs in practice. This information serves as a starting point for herbal practices. It is strongly encouraged that further research is engaged in with each herb and herbal products a person works with.

The following herbs are for sale.

Angelica RootAngelica Root


Benzoin GumBenzoin Gum


CinnamonCinnamon Powder

Chopped CinnamonCinnamon Chips



Dandelion Leaf

Dandelion RootDandelion Root

Dragons Blood


Galangal Root

Ginkgo Leaf








Rose petals


Star Anise seeds

White Sage

All products are available:

Herbs by Mystic Echoes

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