Witches Herbal Starter Set

Witches herbal starter kit

Witches and herbs go back to the dawn of time. Witches were the ones who knew which wild plants would be good for healing and for protection. The witches of old have always known which herbs can be counted on for any situations. Witches and herbs go so far back that its almost impossible to find witchcraft that does not involve the use of herbs in some manner.

When witches first start out there are so many different herbs that can be worked with its often hard to start a practice. This kit here provides some very popular herbs for working magic and witchcraft. These herbs have associations with magic and spells going back as far as witches do. This set has been crafted and created to provide the new witch with a selection of herbs to start their journey into herbal magic and herbalism.

This kit contains:
White Sage
Rose petals

For Sale here

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