Magical and Spiritual Background

Magical and spiritual Background:

Loona Wynd was raised in a UCC church but exposed to the Catholic Saints and Mother Mary through her mother.  During her discovery of witchcraft Loona attended a local Christian School at a difficult time in her life.  It was here that she was really able to study and explore how Christianity developed as a religion and social power.  This was also at the time she was introduced to witchcraft.

It Loona’s father who really told her and taught her about the sacred nature of nature and the spirits of nature.  Through the combination of Christianity and Native American Beliefs Loona was able to start to develop her own understanding of the world around her and of the spiritual forces in her life.  Exposure at school to the Greek and Roman myths helped format her belief in other divine forces to the point that her real quest for magic and witchcraft began.

Our background is in witchcraft. We have been studying and practicing witchcraft for some extent for 15+ years now. Crafting our own spells and rituals during most of that time. For many years there was a Wiccan base to the practices and theories used in crafting spells and items. Then after doing more research into the origins of witchcraft and Wicca as it is known aspects of Traditional witchcraft was added into theory and approach.

Currently there is a study in Hoodoo and the Quablah going on as well as a formal study in the Feri tradition. Other influences include the Temple tradition of witchcraft and Shamanic exercises. Most of the work has previously been based on healing and psychic development (which is why there is a large amount of healing and psychic development products involved). The focus now is on more practical day to day magic hence Hoodoo studies.

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