Germanic Paganism

These are links to various pages on Germanic Paganism. Germanic paganism comes in many forms which include Asatru, Vanatru, Heathenry, Forms of Traditional witchcraft, and much more. Germanic pagans worship the Gods of Norway also known as the Aesir and Vanir found in the Eddas.

Asatru Canada

This site has been created for the express purpose of bringing together those who are unfamiliar with Asatru and those who are seeking to connect with other Heathens in Canada.First to those who have never heard of Asatru before or perhaps have a friend or loved one who is interested in Asatru. Here you will find the basics of what Asatru is and what it isn’t. This site is dedicated solely to giving you the straight forward truth, no more and no less.

This site is dedicated to a specific working group. However they have placed a lot of information about the beliefs and practices of Anglo-Saxon pagans.

Odinist Fellowship
This website describes and talks about Odinism which another form of Germanic paganism.

Intro the Heathenry
This website covers information on Heathenry and how it is different than Asatru.

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