Mystic Echoes History

Mystic Echoes started out as a long term dream about thirteen years ago. When the owner had been involved in her spiritual path as a witch for a few years and started to spend time in local Metaphysical stores she knew that that was one thing she wanted to do with her life. Over the years various applications were presented to different local shops for work. Unfortunately at all of the local shops there were always more applicants than there were positions available so she never got the job.

Last spring after having difficulties finding work the idea to try self employment through an online shop was discussed. After some planning and work the outlines for the first set of products was developed. With fifteen years of experience in witchcraft, magic, psychic development, and other assorted spiritual work it was not difficult to come up with several different types of products and product lines that will be produced by Mystic Echoes.

On August 10th 2013 Mystic Echoes opened for business at Southern Maine Pagan pride Day. On that day we had a set of four tinctures, five different incense blends and a set of ten different herbs to choose from. We also had a small selection of ritual supplies available. This was our start. Two months later at Eastern Maine Pagan pride Day the incense line increased from five to eleven different blends. We also added leather goods. The herbal line also increased from ten herbs to eighteen different herbs.

Today Mystic Echoes is still growing strong with several different products in development at the moment. We are always looking for new fairs and events to be a vendor at. We are also always looking for input about ways to improve our products and for product suggestions.

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