Meet The Owner Charity Bedell AKA Loona Wynd

Southern Maine Pagan Pride Day

My name is Charity Bedell, but I prefer to go by Loona Wynd. I am 32 years old (born in 85). I have been studying paganism and religions since I was 13. My mother raised me in the United Church of Christ. She was raised Catholic. I am like her in many ways in that I feel children should be exposed to and involved in spirituality. I was a member of my church’s junior choir for several years. I also assisted in Sunday School teaching.

Religiously I identify as a witch. I do not practice Wicca as I have not been initiated into Wicca , but I do practice a form of religious witchcraft which has been inspired by Wicca. I am a dedicant in the Temple Tradition of witchcraft. Though I am always studying and exploring many other witchcraft traditions and practices.

I am a firm hard polytheist. I believe that all deities exist and are separate beings. In this way I believe in all deities out there. I may not worship all the deities but I do believe in them. I do feel that I can honor and believe in a deity with out worshiping them. I can honor them through reading their lore and studying the culture they were a part of.

I refuse to worship deities that are closed to me. The Temple of witchcraft book series by Chris Penczak mentions Celtic deities from time to time. I will not worship those deities as there are some celtic deities that are bound by oath to only accept worship from certain people. The same goes for other cultures like the Japanese and possibly the Hindus and Voodoun. I can not ethically worship those deities. However if I were invited to a ritual that honored those deities by those people I would participate and honor them as well as I could. Aside from that I will not worship Gods of closed cultures.

I also believe that there is a spirit within each living thing. In this way I am an animist. I believe that there are many different spirits out there and spiritual worlds. I believe in the dualistic nature of reality. There is a physical side to life and a spiritual side of life. The universe is much more complex and diverse than we can see it. Part of my spiritual and religious practices involves travel to these other worlds and realms.

I practice both practical magic and ceremonial magic. Most of my magic lately has been very much based on mental projections and focus. There is a lot of thought manipulation and energy work through very basic thought form creation. I am looking into learning more about folk magic traditions and practices. I also practice shamanistic rites and meditative rites.

At some point I would like to own a metaphysical healing center where I can teach magic,occult, and philosophy, heal, and write. Studying theology, philosophy, and anthropology are things that may help me get to that point. I do currently run an online etsy store that sells some magical products that I have crafted by hand. It is a step in the direction towards having a physical retail store one day.

I have my first degree in Usui Reiki by Yvvone Thibedeau.   This past winter I recieved Mastery in Kundalini Reiki and my Usui Reiki 2.  I also do my own intuitive healing work that happens naturally.

I plan on training in other healing traditions and continuing my training in Reiki. I was unable to continue my training under my first Mastrer due to distance. It was not practical for me and I have not yet been able to complete or pursue my training. I will at some point in time. Healing is something that has always come naturally to me so I have started to work more with it as a base for magical and spiritual development.

I enjoy performing. I have done several community theater and high school theater productions. I have been involved in Chorus since I was nine and in the third grade. I am a member of the College chorus. I was involved in Band as well. I played the flute. I still play from time to time when I desire to play music. At one point in time I did know how to play the piano, and like the flute it is something I would like to do more of.

I also like to write. I would love to get a book published at some point. Actually I would like to get a series of both nonfiction and fiction books published. I have started this Blog so that I may still get some writing done and out there. Who knows. Maybe at some point some of these writing will appear in a book. For now this is a place for me to write my thoughts out and get them down.

I have also studied the martial art of Jukado. I do consider myself a martial artist. My martial arts training has influenced my views on the world.

In the business I write all the blog posts, make all the herbal products, and run all the social media outlets. I work all the marketing and do all the project planning.

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