Product Updates and previews

I have been working very hard to keep a steady set of new products coming into the store every few months.  The last two weekends have been event weekends.  Where I have been busy selling products and making new contacts,  They have been busy weekends but they have also been very enlightening in ideas and types of products that we would like to offer to you here soon.

One product that is in the works are homemade scrying mirrors.  These are going to come in two sizes and have a frame for them.  They will also be blessed and washed in our psychic development wash as well as dressed in psychic oils and tinctures prior to being sent out.  This way you will only have to speak to your own guides and guardians to bless the mirrors on your behalf.

By this holiday season it is my goal to have a small line of candles for aromatherapy work and for spell or ritual work available.  I have all the supplies I need to make them.  I just need to sit down, read the directions and get to work.  The scents most likely will be based on either incenses, tinctures, or oils that I already have made.  This way I am reusing the herbs and the oils while charging the candles for their specific job.

We are also going to be looking into making salves and ointments in the near future.  These are all products that have been discussed and planned but have been working towards.  The candles and the salves require the learning of a new skill.  Which is why it has taken us this long to get them made.  Over time as well as creating more ritual and magical tools it is our hope to add in natural and holistic health remedies as well.

You can look forward to more unique leather work in the future.  One thing that was common both last weekend at Templefest and Yesterday at Maine Pagan Unity day was that people were interested in the leather work and want to see more of it.  This is good news as we have been wanting to add more leather work to the shop but there has not been much interest until today.

There are still several baths to be added to the Etsy shop and herbs and oils as well.  I should have most of those up by the end of the day tomorrow.  I think you will all be pleasantly surprised at the new products being offered.  I even have some spells and rituals in mind to write for you as ways to work with them.

Last but not least we are getting ready to start providing online readings at a distance.  There are many different oracle decks that are used by me.  I will have different readings available for you for each of them.  Its been a while coming but the spirits are really telling me that it is time.  So keep your eyes peeled at the Etsy shop.  New things are on the horizon!

About loona wynd

Call me Loona. I am a part time model and an amateur writer. My blogs serve as my primary method of publication at the moment. These blogs are also a way for me to build an audience and get my name known. I have been involved with my spiritual path for half my life now. I have spent that whole time seeking and exploring every path I could find. While I will always identify as a witch and a Pagan, I do believe there are lessons that every path can teach me. When I am not writing, or modeling I spend my time watching science fiction (I'm a big Doctor Who fan as well as Warehouse 13, Eureka, Babylon 5, and other shows). I also enjoy shows like Ink Master, Bar Rescue, Hotel Hell, Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares. I also love Bones for the anthropological aspects. When not watching tv I spend time playing video games. I'm a retro gamer at heart. I would rather play a game on my NES than the newest game for my PC. I actually have more NES and SNES games than I do Wii, N64 or PS2. I do play Starcraft2, Everquest, Guild Wars, and random Facebook games. I also enjoy reading. My reading will often be in the spiritual or philosophical fields. This is what I enjoy to study. I also love to read science fiction. Anne McCaffery is actually my favorite sci-fi writer. Her Pern and Accorna series are my favorites. I currently hold an associates degree in Liberal Studies or Liberal Arts. My focus is on folklore, philosophy, classics of world lit, anthropology, and history. I do have a vast interest in Physics. I was actually happy with how much my physics teacher was able to connect modern physics with ancient and modern metaphysical philosophy.

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