Product Review: Cauldron Craft Odditys

Many months ago I traded a leather pouch made by us for several herbal products from Cauldron Craft Odditys. There are still many more products from them that I need to use and play with before I can review them. There are two products that I am happy to have a chance to review. These are two products that I use frequently and am nearly out of one of them. One product is an oil which I have not found on their Etsy page any more, but I know she still makes it and the other is a ritual bath which is very nice.

First up: The ritual bath
Lavender Bliss Bath salt

This is a very soothing and very relaxing bath. Stress and anxiety were very high for me last year. I was going through a very tight financial time and dealing with several other stresses in my life. One of the few things I could do to relax and forget my troubles if only for a moment was take a bath. When I got this ritual bath I knew that I would be using it and I would be enjoying it very much.

This bath has been one of the most enjoyable bath salts I have ever used. One of the things I like the best about this bath salt is that the scent comes directly from the natural materials used in the crafting of the bath salt. There are no synthetic materials involved. This bath is made with high grade herbs and pure essential oils. For this reason alone I can keep this bath in my house. Both my fiance’ and myself have highly sensitive skin, so most synthetic materials are out of our day to day use. This bath was actually the inspiration for my own stress relief bath. There are similarities in the materials but they are different baths.

You can find this bath at

The other item I have used is their Sweet Success Perfume oil
Sweet succsess oil

This perfume oil is great. I used it for a job interview I had last year and I got the job. I use a bit in my washes before events and I wear some on the days I have events. I’ve used this oil alone and with my financial success tincture and money oils. While I have had more fantastic results when using it with my own blends, on its own this oil has helped me have several successful days at my day job and has helped me remain calm during a job interview.

As a perfume I like this oil because it is not overpowering. It has a subtle scent but works just as effective as if it were a strong scent. Like the bath salt this product is also made with only natural ingredients. For me this is the other reason I use it so often. Its a great scent and natural. I have no reaction so if you have sensitive skin you can probably wear this too!

Now I need to play with the other products I have from her! Check out Cauldron Craft Oddities.

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