Product Review: Achilles Balm by Doctor Hawk’s Cures and Conjure

One of the things I am trying to do as part of my spiritual work is to use more holistic methods of healing injuries and in my day to day health workings. I’ve used herbal supplements before to help treat my ADHD and to help treat depression amongst other things. One of my favorite things to use for cuts and other small open wounds is a Plantain Salve that my Step-Father in law makes from time to time. For me as a witch there is a connection between the magical uses and the medicinal uses of plants just as their is a connection between the mind, body, and spirit. So for me to use the medicinal aspects of herbs, even when I dont make it myself is important.

Recently I was gifted a healing and spiritual use balm by Doctor Hawk after buying his two books

    Backwoods Shamanism


    Pictish Orthodox Druidism: Reconstructing the Traditions, Priesthood and Mysteries of the Elusive Painted People

. This gift was a very small amount, but it works wonderfully. I’m very glad I was given the chance to use this balm. It has been a wonderful healing addition to my health kit.

Achilles Balm

What you have there is the Achilles Balm in its small portion. I have used this on a rash that was forming, on my ingrown toe nails, a mole that got infected and an ingrown hair, and a small cut on my finger that I got opening a package. Its completely herbal with vitamin e oil and a beeswax base. The combination Doctor Hawk used was new to me but it works! My cuts typically take a 3-4 days to heal completely. The cut on my thumb was healed and left no mark after 2 days with this balm!

Its also very soothing. Unlike Neosporin I dont feel like I’m using something artificial on my wounds. I feel comfortable with the knowledge that this is an all herbal product. It also physically felt better. There was no pain and no itching as my wounds healed. I’d use this over neosporin any day, and it has more applications than just Neosporin!

If you would like to buy some for yourself contact the creator at his Business page:

Or his personal page:

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