Pagan Blog Project: Growth


Today we are going to talk about growth.  Specifically we are going to talk about how you can see how far you have grown spiritually and in your path from when you start to where you are now, or even a year later.  The longer we are on any spiritual path the more we should be growing as a person.  The more we should understand and experience things spiritually.  Our understandings of the universe can change as we grow spiritually and as we learn and have experiences.  So seeing where we were and where we are now can be a great point of reflection.

So how do we look at spiritual growth?  This is really a hard thing to measure.  How we grow spiritually, how fast we learn and gain experiences is completely a personal thing.  No two people will have the same speed or rate of development of their spiritual skills and senses as other people.  Often growth may not seem to be happening but it has.  This is why reflections and record keeping is so essential.

One of the ways we look at spiritual growth is to answer the same questions we started with at the beginning of our journey.  These are the questions I outlined in the post on Asking and answering questions.  By re-answering these questions you can look back over what you said before and see what your answers are now.  You should answer the questions first and as before take as much time to answer the questions as you need.  When you have answered the questions then you can read your original response.  I would then suggest am entry comparing the two entries for each question.  This way you can see where your thoughts changed.

The other way you can judge how you have grown is basically by your experiences and what you have recorded down.  Again by reflecting on what you have done and what you didn’t do as well as your thoughts and feelings about everything you have experienced you will be able to see where things have changed.  In essence seeing what has changed and where you have grown takes a lot of reflection and introspection.

Finally you can also look at your life around you.  Through your spiritual studies your life should have become more positive and you should feel more fulfilled in life.  By looking at your life and the way things have changed you can also evaluate how things are and how you have grown spiritually.  Its our day to day lives and actions where some of the largest changes will occur in ourselves.  One of the examples I can think of making a noticeable change is in working with affirmations and colored energy balls on a regular basis to bring changes within yourself.

In the end you wont grow spiritually if you don’t get out there and do things.  Start by trying exercises that seem fun and interesting to you.  Though if they have a previous exercise you are supposed to engage in before working that exercise you need to go back and do the exercises.  Remember to listen to your intuition.  Your intuition will guide you and help you find where you belong.  Walking an alternative spiritual path like any numerous pagan paths, spirituality, and any form of witchcraft can be a rough road, but you are the one that will make it happen.  be strong and you will find your way.

About loona wynd

Call me Loona. I am a part time model and an amateur writer. My blogs serve as my primary method of publication at the moment. These blogs are also a way for me to build an audience and get my name known. I have been involved with my spiritual path for half my life now. I have spent that whole time seeking and exploring every path I could find. While I will always identify as a witch and a Pagan, I do believe there are lessons that every path can teach me. When I am not writing, or modeling I spend my time watching science fiction (I'm a big Doctor Who fan as well as Warehouse 13, Eureka, Babylon 5, and other shows). I also enjoy shows like Ink Master, Bar Rescue, Hotel Hell, Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares. I also love Bones for the anthropological aspects. When not watching tv I spend time playing video games. I'm a retro gamer at heart. I would rather play a game on my NES than the newest game for my PC. I actually have more NES and SNES games than I do Wii, N64 or PS2. I do play Starcraft2, Everquest, Guild Wars, and random Facebook games. I also enjoy reading. My reading will often be in the spiritual or philosophical fields. This is what I enjoy to study. I also love to read science fiction. Anne McCaffery is actually my favorite sci-fi writer. Her Pern and Accorna series are my favorites. I currently hold an associates degree in Liberal Studies or Liberal Arts. My focus is on folklore, philosophy, classics of world lit, anthropology, and history. I do have a vast interest in Physics. I was actually happy with how much my physics teacher was able to connect modern physics with ancient and modern metaphysical philosophy.

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